The Impact of Transformational Leadership Behavior of salespersons on their Customers’ Relationship Marketing behavior

The objective of this study is to identify the impact of transformational leadership behavior of salespersons on customers’ trust in salespersons and their relationship commitment to the salespersons in the Sri Lankan corporate banking sector. It is found that idealized influence behavior of salespersons positively influences customer trust, intellectual stimulation behavior of salespersons positively influences customer trust, inspirational motivation behavior of salespersons positively influences customer relationship commitment and individualized considerate behavior of salesperson positively influences customer relationship commitment. Hence, this research advances Bass’s conceptual work on the implications of transformational/transactional leadership in personal selling; and findings of Jayakody & Sanjeewani which supported the relationship between  transformational components and relationship marketing components with the evidence of literature. Furthermore this research focuses on the mediating effect of trust on the relationship between idealized influence and customer relationship commitment as well as intellectual stimulation behavior and relationship commitment. The results of this study reveal that relationship marketing is well practiced by private banks than in state banks. This study tries to link transformational leadership and relationship marketing theoretically, empirically and practically. Hence this findings can be use to train salespersons, recruit salesperson etc. Hence it can be use as one of the core competency factor of the firm. Furthermore this study will help to better partnership with customers in a rational approach.




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